Women’s Program

“Elouera” – Drug & Alcohol Live-in Rehab for Women

Our live-in recovery service for women 18 years or older is situated on a property in peaceful surrounds in Orange. The specialist child-focused support staff mean that children under 12 years old can remain with their mother for the duration of their stay.

The full program runs for 6 weeks, but has the flexibility to be extended to ensure the necessary support structures are in place. Offering withdrawal support, individual and group-based therapy and mental-health management if required.

A Child and Family Focus

Our dedicated child carer ensures that children are kept happy and healthy throughout the day. As a part of the support available, we also offer additional family and relationship focused counselling and can also provide support for planned family reunions and help accessing specialist child services. Regardless of the case, our dedicated staff will work with you to get your life back on track.

What’s Involved?

We bring cultural knowledge and respect to our services and activities. During the program, women can experience:

  • skills-based drug and alcohol therapies
  • mental wellbeing support groups and specialist services
  • advice and support for issues with domestic violence
  • parenting skills
  • life and social skills
  • group therapies like art, music, yoga, physical fitness and community outings.

We aim to provide accessible and affordable residential treatment. You will need to pay some money towards your stay, usually a portion of your Centrelink payment (if applicable). The amount will depend on the type of benefit/payment you receive.

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