Building creativity & self-expression at Hip Hop Workshop

A two-day hip-hop workshop recently took place in Bega’s Funhouse Studio. The Summer Indigenous Hip Hop activities are part of Lyndon’s Wandarma Saltwater People program, run on the South Coast of NSW.

Run by well-known MC, Bboy, beatboxer, producer and hip-hop theatre artist, Morganics, of MetaBass ‘n’ Breath fame, the program is aimed at encouraging creativity and self-expression in Bega’s Indigenous community.

“First we’ll do what I normally do and brainstorm some ideas and construct a rap out of it,” Morganics told the group.

He shared the philosophy of Atlanta rapper Ludacris who shuts his eyes, listens to the music and responds by writing what he feels.

The group then listened to a beat being worked on by Morganics, Jeff Thomas and Wayne Rootsey before sharing their emotions via creative writing.

“It feels like we’re at school,” Joven Pittman said with a smile.

“It’s better than school,” Mr Thomas replied.

The workshop, organised by Funhouse Studio’s Cayce Hill, was followed by a show and tell session by Morganics.

This article originally appeared in the Bega District News, 19 Jan 2017

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