Wattlegrove Rehabilitation Services

Live-in Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Also located in the Bloomfield Hospital Campus, the Wattlegrove 16 bed residential unit  is available to clients who need a structured live-in environment and have completed their detox program. The usual length of stay is about 3 months in rehab, dependent on residents meeting progress milestones generated in their case plan, which is developed with the staff at the beginning of their stay.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Brain Injured Clients or those with Intellectual Disabilities

Support for people with brain injuries, intellectual disabilities and other cognitive impairments is a particular focus of the Wattlegrove program. We recognise drug and alcohol services and treatment facilities for this group are limited and specific strategies have been developed by Lyndon in conjunction with an advisory group of national and international experts in the field.

Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

The program includes self-case management where residents are supported to develop their own case plans, set realistic goals and implement action plans relevant to their own circumstances. A structured daily routine, social, recreational and vocational program, mindfulness meditation, virtues program and drug and alcohol education sessions are also provided. A key focus is establishing and practicing a drug and alcohol free routine in preparation for going home. Attendance at local AA/NA meetings is facilitated for those who wish to attend. The program is designed to be suitable for people with cognitive impairments by including frequent repetition of elements, roleplay and practice of skills including problem solving and communication; and emotional regulation strategies.

Fees are $240 per week..  Click on the following link to see the current fees structure.  Residential Fees April 16

For more resources on drug and alcohol addiction or ice addiction and to hear a rehab success story at Wattlegrove click the links provided.

To see a representative weekly program click on the image below.

Wattlegrove weekly schedule

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