Second chance at life at Wattlegrove: Lyndon’s new facility opens its doors

LYNDON Community opened Wattlegrove Rehab Centre and took its first client on January 18.

Source: Central Western Daily 12/2/2016

LYNDON Community opened Wattlegrove Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre after closing Lyndon House in Canowindra in December last year and took its first client on January 18.

Wattlegrove is on the Orange Health Service Bloomfield campus and accommodates a combination of 16 men and women in single rooms.

Currently, the centre is treating 10 residents from Orange, Bathurst, Lithgow, Cowra, Musswellbrook, Baradine, Scone and Cobar, but can house up to 16 residents.

Holly Chapman has been a resident at Wattlegrove for the past three weeks and said even in that short space of time, the program has made a world of difference.

“I love it, it’s a second chance at life,” she said.

“I was involved in domestic violence and I came here to get away from that.

“We have a group session every day three times a day and we learn the triggers and how to work your brain and re-wire it into thinking straight.

“I’ll definitely be here for the full three months, I’m really proud to be here. It’s a tight family and we have a really good group and the staff are great.

“All the opportunities we’re going to get in the three months are just fantastic.

“Anyone who wants a second chance at life, please come because the program is great, it’s the first program like this in the world so we’re really proud.”

The centre provides a three-month treatment program for people with drug and alcohol problems who need a safe drug and alcohol free environment to support them reduce their substance use.

The program helps residents to develop social and recreational skills to replace drug and alcohol use as well as developing vocational skills to improve employment prospects when they return home.

On Thursday, the centre opened its doors to community service and health providers with an interest in the rehabilitation program and who want to know more about Wattlegrove.

Lyndon Community chief executive officer Ed Zarnow, explained the move to the Bloomfield Hospital site as well as the purpose of opening the centre to the public on Thursday.

“We closed our facility down in Canowindra and made a decision to relocate from there to here,” he said.

“We wanted to combine our services on this site, we have the withdrawal unit down the road, now we have the residential rehab program here and also outreach, so we’ve consolidated it all together.”

In terms of the program itself, Mr Zarnow gave an insight into what the residents experience while under care at Wattlegrove.

“It’s a three-month residential program, but if clients need to stay they can be here longer,” he said.

“During that time we have a structured program that they follow, which includes living skills, behaviour and anger management and well as a lot more.

“They cook their own meals and do their own cleaning as if they were in their own home, a lot of the time our clients are lacking those skills so we teach them to do that.

“We also help them to deal with other issues they may have such as mental health and family issues.”

According to Mr Zarnow, it’s too early to tell whether the new rehabilitation centre will be a complete success, but is confident the measures in place will go a long way in improving the lives of residents when they leave Wattlegrove.

“To be honest, treating these clients is a bit hit and miss, residential programs are not necessarily for all clients with addiction issues but it’s one of the methods of dealing with the issue,” he said.

“The program is run on an evidence based program and research around what we’re doing.

“We’re confident it’s going to work.”

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