Lyndon presents to peers at National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Conference

The Wandarma team is back on home country on the South Coast after being invited to present at the 4th National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Conference in Adelaide.

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Showing Initiative: AOD responses required to Close the Gap by 2030’

Wandarma staff Dennis Scott, Paul Campbell and Raechel Wallace presented ‘Men’s groups at Wandarma: from art to action on closing the gap’.

This presentation described how men’s groups are an important way for Aboriginal people to connect and strengthen community to improve well-being. And it looked at the process of engaging men in the groups, linking them to community events and activities and then moving the focus of the groups to health and wellbeing including addressing men’s substance use and physical health as well as anger, violence and relationships.

The invitation to present at NIDAC 2016 was a reinforcement of the high regard in which Lyndon’s regional teams, and the work they do, are viewed by peers.

The Conference highlighted the contributing role that harmful alcohol and other drugs use has on the health and life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the interventions that are required to close the gap.

It also highlighted emerging alcohol and other drug related issues that are threatening to further increase the gap if effective interventions are not utilised.