Indigenous Risk Impact Screening IRIS

The IRIS Program is a substance assessment program that is culturally secure and validated screening instrument and brief intervention designed to meet the specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and is included in the Australian Department of Health and Ageing – Alcohol Treatment Guidelines for Indigenous Australians.
The IRIS Screen Instrument is a two factor screen that assesses alcohol & other drugs and its associated mental health issues. Assessment is systematically administered and risks can be addressed in culturally appropriate and timely manners.

The IRIS Program seeks to:

  • Provide timely advice to clients and family about the extent and nature of the substance misuse and possible interventions and treatment pathways
  • Enable both mainstream and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service providers and health agencies to better target their response to Indigenous client’s needs
  • Provide Community Worker with support that will enable them to address the alcohol and other drug issues that affect their Indigenous clients in urban,regional and rural areas
  • Ensure its sustainability by encouraging the uptake of the IRIS tool through the provision of training and ongoing support to workers and agencies from health, community control, correction, government and non-government sectors

Lyndon has team members that are accredited to train allied health workers in the IRIS screening instrument.  For more information please contact Lyndon.

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