Lyndon Specialist Drug & Alcohol Client Management Software CMS

The Lyndon Client Management System (LCMS) has been developed by Lyndon to support the needs of real users delivering real drug and alcohol health programs in multiple sites on a daily full-time basis.

The LCMS is our core business system for the delivery of detoxification, rehabilitation and counselling programs at multiple residential and non-residential sites.


  • A highly customised and simple user interface that makes client episodes easy to find, manage and report on
  • Flexible system and program setup. A service provider can configure any number of assessment, detox, rehab or counselling services. Easy management of users, passwords and access privileges
  • Client assessment is treated as an episode of care from which a client may progress to a series of other treatments. The assessment process collects all client contact and background information during a staged process. Data collected includes the national minimum data set required by NADA
  • Client episode management allows an extensive range of data to be entered for each client episode including: counselling notes, general notes, appointments, alerts, health records, prescription records, client contacts and case plans.
  • Automated export of data to NADA which saves significant user time in accessing the NADA website
  • You don’t need in-house servers or IT expertise, just reliable workstations/ laptops connected to the internet.
  • Your service delivery sites can be located in different physical locations which all connect to a centrally located database hosted in an Australian data centre that guarantees the security and reliability data.
  • Outcome assessments captured easily (Kessler, Severity of Dependence, Quality of Life, CIWA and Fagerstrom)
  • Extensive reporting including:

– client episode management

– staff contact monitoring

– service delivery performance at program and organisational levels

-Integrated residential bed utilisation

  • Integrated management system including

– Shift hand-over reporting

– Client incident

– Integrated client group activity & counselling

  • Real-time Alerts, Appointments and Bookings monitoring system
  • Built-in test database for staff training and experimentation built from live de-identified data
  • Low capital investment –you pay a one-time establishment fee followed by monthly payments. Full technical support and automatic maintenance software updates included in monthly subscription fee
  • Based on contemporary technology platform incorporating a Microsoft Server database that is accessed by a custom user interface application developed in C++ via a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection


  • Consistent data entry and work processes that are essential to the delivery and monitoring of quality service
  • Accurate and consistent client outcomes measurement and reporting
  • Improved service quality and staff performance monitoring
  • Increased staff productivity and reduced staff effort for high quality record keeping
  • Minimum training required, consistent staff practice and reduced staff stress levels
  • Inbuilt National Minimum Dataset collection compliance & automatic NADA data export
  • Extensive client episode reporting
  • Inbuilt reporting to support funding application
  • No existing IT infrastructure required with an externally hosted software platform
  • High return on investment with low monthly lease fees

For more information download our information sheet.

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