Drug & Alcohol First Aid

We can’t solve the Drug & Alcohol problem in our communities alone.  Our funding only stretches so far and we need to enlist community members to learn to be aware and increase awareness of not only the options that are available for those with a Drug & Alcohol issue, but to help them outright through recognising problematic alcohol and substance use, being able to talk about drug use and addiction in a non-confrontational manner and to help and support people who misuse Drugs & Alcohol in their lives.

Drug & Alcohol First Aid courses provide up to date and essential information to help service providers, workplaces and community members about alcohol abuse and drug misuse.  It’s a toolkit to help you manage the impacts of Drug & Alcohol use of a loved one, a work colleague or a person you provide support services to.

Drug and Alcohol First Aid Courses Available.

There are two courses – one for general community members and one for those in the workplace.

Research into substance misuse clearly identifies strong relationships between the use of drugs and alcohol and mental health problems, physical injury, reduced workplace productivity, accidents, drink-driving and violence.

Upon completion of these courses participants will be better equipped to:

  • Recognise problematic drug and alcohol use
  • Describe the impacts of problematic drug and alcohol use
  • Identify the types of drug and alcohol supports and treatments that are effective in reducing use
  • Talk to people about their drug or alcohol use in a non-confrontational manner.
  • Help and support people who have drug and alcohol problems

We can run these courses where required for communities or develop a tailored approach for larger organisations that may want to train their staff.

We promote training of allied health workers with the skills to deliver our Drug and Alcohol First Aid courses.  If you are interested in being trained to deliver these courses please contact us for the options available.

Wattlegrove also provides a live in rehab service for individuals struggling with substance addiction.

For more information contact us or visit the Drug and Alcohol First Aid course website.

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