Clinical Supervision & Consultation and Student Placements

Lyndon is committed to supporting student placements for the development of an appropriately trained and educated social and community sector workforce. Lyndon recognises the value adding benefit student placements bring to our services.

To promote the best outcomes for both Lyndon and the student seeking placement, Lyndon will:

  • Ensure mutually agreed objectives are achievable
  • Only agree to placements that undertake tasks which provide relevant training for the student’s course of study and are consistent with the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Make realistic commitments about the number and length of student placements that can be offered at any one time and over the course of a calendar year.

Applying for a student placement or clinical supervision position

Students are accepted from TAFE facilities, other licensed training providers and Universities. Study in the areas of Welfare, A&OD, Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, Medicine, Police Studies, Pharmacy and Aboriginal Health may be supported by a placement with Lyndon .

Selection of Students

Applications for student placements are considered on an individual basis, based on personal competencies and relevant experience which demonstrate a capacity to achieve agreed outcomes. Potential student placement candidates are required to participate in an interview with a relevant supervisor who will also liaise with the student’s academic liaison to confirm the students’ capacity.

If an appropriate placement has been identified confirmation of that placement will only be made after:

    • The student has supplied a Current Criminal Record Check.
    • Completed the Student Placement Learning Agreement
    • The tertiary Institution has provided all required information, including Placement Coordinator contact details.
    • Prior to placement commencement the student must agree to abide by the Lyndon Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics.

The above procedure may be waived for Medical students and some nursing students where their training provider has in place a screening protocol that is at least as robust as that of Lyndon .

The Student Placement Learning Agreement

The Student Placement Learning Agreement:

1. It provides information that will be used to ensure, where applicable, that the student meets the ‘former client’ guidelines
2. It provides contact details of the Training Institute and the student placement liaison officer
3. It outlines and confirms the expectations of both the student and Lyndon

You can read more about our student placement policy here and if you are interested in doing a placement with Lyndon we welcome your contact on 1300 LYNDON

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