Aboriginal Men’s Group – Mudjilali

The Mudjilali Aboriginal Men’s Group project collaborates with partner agencies and elders to run Aboriginal men’s groups across the lower south coast of NSW in Eden, Wallaga Lake and Bega.

The Mudjilali meets an important need for soft entry drug and alcohol services on the lower south coast of NSW.

The program offers a range of group activities including:

  • weekly men’s group meetings in each community
  • drug and alcohol worker available
  • holistic health and welfare support
  • cultural programs introducing younger Aboriginal men to culture
  • cultural camps and trips
  • community drug and alcohol education events organized by the men
  • attendance reports to courts and probation and parole.

If you are interested in this program you can find out more by calling (02) 6492 0011.

Short film – Mudjilali Men’s Group

This short film features the work of our Men’s Group program in Bega, specifically the work performed by the program’s alcohol and drug worker, Colin.

Colin uses his unique personal stories, experiences and commitment to supporting the men in the program.

Video – sharing our stories

The video at the top of this page looks at the work and successes of the Bega – South Coast Aboriginal Men’s Group, and its role in the important area of soft-entry drug and alcohol services.

“Sharing Our Stories” is a 5 and half minute video, told through case studies;

Jason, the former Redfern resident who was looking for something more in his life and how the Men’s Group got him out of the pub, fostered his love of traditional dance and helped him deepen his cultural connectivity.

Bruce and Tayana, the young couple moved to the south coast for Bruce to work on the Bega Hospital but when the job was complete, Bruce was out of work. Tayana encouraged him into the Men’s Group…now he’s sharing his building skills with the group while engaging in new study in drug and alcohol education.

“Sharing Our Stories” is set on the lower south coast of NSW, yet it’s issues and themes are universal:

  • Diversion from drugs and alcohol using a range of activities
  • Peer support through sharing experiences
  • Connecting with culture and sharing that cultural knowledge with the Indigenous and non-Indigenous community
  • Personal growth and responsibility

“Sharing Our Stories” celebrates the successes of the Men’s Group program while realistically looking at the challenges faced by Indigenous males. It shows just what can be achieved with a positive and constructive approach and a group of men supporting each other.

Men’s groups in NSW.

To facilitate the building of a network of men’s groups across the lower south coast of NSW,  Lyndon:

  • has partnerships with services, national parks and Aboriginal Land Councils
  • collaborates with justice services to offer a diversion from custody option
  • employs an Aboriginal male drug and alcohol trainee under guidance from a qualified and experienced male Aboriginal worker
  • works with male elders who provide community leadership and deliver cultural programs
  • builds links with other Aboriginal men’s groups across NSW
  • trains Aboriginal men in governance, peer leadership and program planning and support them to take control of the men’s group ongoing including applying for their own funding
  • evaluates and disseminates information about the program.

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