Wandarma Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Service

6 - 10

Young people at each youth event


Men attending the mens groups


Drug and Alcohol clients each year


Men’s groups in the South Coast region

Wandarma Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Service provides withdrawal assistance for Aboriginal People and their families experiencing substance addiction and abuse. Wandarma covers the region along the far south coast of NSW from the Victorian border to Wallaga Lake, including Bega, Eden, Wallaga Lake and surrounding Aboriginal communities.


  • Counselling
  • Assessment, care planning and case management, liaison with other services
  • Transport and referral to detoxification and rehabilitation services
  • Advocacy and support with court, child protection, housing and other agencies
  • Group programs such as relapse prevention and men’s groups and camps
  • Family support

For Aboriginal Communities Wandarma provides:

  • Community education and programs on drug and alcohol issues including youth programs and programs for women
  • Men’s Groups
  • School Programs (Sista Speak)
  • Salt Water People (to engage with young people via fishing, snorkeling, swimming etc)

Wandarma’s major purpose is to deliver effective, accessible and culturally appropriate drug and alcohol services and programs. It also aims to work with local services and communities to develop Aboriginal community capacity to address the harms done by drug and alcohol use.

If you are interested in this program you can find out more by calling (02) 6492 0011. Know the facts about drug and alcohol abuse and learn more from these resources.
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